Hair and scalp issues need immediate intervention:Special Shampoo Invigorating Cleanser: Start fresh before your haircut. Allow the active elements of tea tree, peppermint & lavender oils to extract impurities.

(Included for all Haircuts)

Hot Towel

Infused with a refreshing burst of Eucalyptus, a hot towel provides the ultimate clean finish to any barbering service. Steam heat relaxes while eucalyptus brings you to your senses. Eucalyptus is also known for its antiseptic properties in fighting bacteria and relieving congestion.


Gentleman's Cut / Little Gent's Cut

Signature styling / sharp detailing Marcus combines the master technique of “scissors over finger”, and signature hi-def fading and tapering, hallmarks of modern barbering.



The Gentleman’s Shave or Beard Trim

A unique combo of classic & modern barbering: Pre-shave oil: Creates a protective barrier between the skin and the razor blade to allow a smooth glide. HOT VAPOR: The effects of direct steam soften the beard, open pores and cleanse the skin for a closer and comfortable shave. SHAVING CREAM: A creamy lather for an extra gentle shave. AFTERSHAVE MASK: Absorbs toxins and impurities while tightening the pores and replenishing essential nutrients lost during the shaving process. AFTERSHAVE BALM & MOISTURIZER: Applied as part of a therapeutic rub, it relaxes the facial muscles and helps increase blood flow to the surface of the skin leaving you looking good and feeling great!


Hair & Beard

Gentleman's HairCut & Shave

Gives more than just your face a lift. It's a total overhaul to enhance your appearance and perfect a workday reset. This unique take on an old combination will have you looking good and feeling great in just one hour. From the pre-shave oil to the post-shave rosewater, and every pass of the blade in between, the normally forgettable act of scraping off life’s accumulated stubble, stress and fatigue has never felt so good.



Scissors Only / Long Hair or Special Haircut




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Modern Barbering uses only the finest hair care products, that is why we are supplied with KEVIN.MURPHY .

Weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength and longevity. Combining hi-tech scientific knowledge with the best natural ingredients available, KEVIN.MURPHY products provide the tools to recreate high-fashion runway looks in the salon or at-home, while always remaining kind to the environment.